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Coordinated projects. Benefits for the organization.

The whole is more then the sum of its parts.

Do you know this: The project has reached its goal but the results do not synergize with other projects? And the biggest thing gained by the enterprise was experience. How can you ensure that projects cooperate and synergize keeping the focus on the success of the organization? The answer lies in program management.

Through mangalatraining I share the valuable knowledge I have accumulated over many years as a program and project manager. I offer seminars on program management fundamentals, right through to the preparation for the certification as PgMP (Program Management Professional) of the PMI.

Besides, I am one of the very few (~20) PgMPs all over Europe and was the first of Germany. I'm also happy to advise you in the implementation of program management and to develop individually tailored training sessions to suit your company's specific needs.

Leadership skills are even more crucial for managing a program then for managing a project. And I support you to extend your leadership competence.

Like to know more? Just send me an email and I'll be pleased to send you my seminar course offers on the subject of program management.

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