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Follow clear guidelines. And keep your eyes on the prize.

Effective collaboration can only succeed if I take your concerns seriously as a committed consultant and trainer and treat you and your employees with the utmost respect. mangalatraining is characterized by integrity, transparent and comprehensive processes and a responsible approach. My guiding principles are as follows:

Needs orientated. My services are only of help when they are exactly tuned to your specific needs. That's why I adjust my approach to perfectly address the particular problems of the client.

Long term results. My training courses are organized so that the participants can immediately start applying what they've learned to real situations. And after the course is finished, they will profit in the long term from the knowledge and experience I have passed on to them.

Flexibility. I continually readjust my approach to your situation and work together with you to develop appropriate solutions for your special requests.

Quality. If you engage my services, you can rely on dedicated work and service of the highest standard.

Standards. Ethical standards exist to ensure the transfer of knowledge is undertaken responsibly and with integrity. Therefore I am committed to working according to the principles of the Forum Werteorientierung in der Weiterbildung e.V. (Forum for the regulation of standards in further education).

Trust. With me you get a partner who is dedicated to quality, service and an authentic mode of communication. My thoughts, words and behavior are consistent - that's the only way a collaboration based on trust can grow.

And here's how we can work together.