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No mountain is too high. If you know the way up.

Tap potentials with training, coaching and consulting.

Interested in boosting your company's success for the long run? Want motivated employees who take on responsibility and work together effectively? Looking to optimize your workflow, promptly recognize problems and thereby avoid crises? Keen for your projects to finally run smoothly?

Then you've found the right place! With mangalatraining you'll reach your goals more easily:

  • With successful project management you'll ensure the success of your projects - and thereby gain a decisive competitive advantage.
  • Program management will lead you to better project coordination and to synergies.
  • Through greater leadership skills your senior managers and project leaders will transform your employees into unbeatable teams.

As a result of my twenty years of experience as a program and project manager, plus my work as a developer and process manager in the software industry, I have comprehensive leadership knowledge, including project management and process-development know-how. I'll support you with goal-orientated training, workshops and seminars specially designed to suit your unique situation. Also please note, all the training courses are available in English and German.

With mangalatraining, you will learn how to recognize and use the potential of your company and staff more effectively. Plus you will profit over the long term from tried and tested tools and valuable knowledge.

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